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Speak Up for Nature Action Toolkit




Everyone can be involved in taking action to speak up for nature. Engaging with elected officials does not have to be a scary task!

Just Remember: 

Keep It Simple

  • Focus on one issue at a time
  • Share why it is important to you

Share Your Story

  • Personal stories go a long way to engage and convince the person you are speaking to

Know Your Facts

  • Do your research for facts and information related to your concern

Talk to the Right Person

Taking Effective Action

Advocacy is important to get issues heard by elected officials. There are several ways to reach out to share your concerns. To help you advocate for conservation and protected areas in New Brunswick, check out our tips and resources on how to take effective action – from signing a petition to speaking with your local member of legislative assembly (MLA).

How You Can Take Action
  1. Meet your MLA – one of the BEST ways to ensure they know you support an issue. MLAs receive numerous phone calls and emails every day and yours may get lost in the mix. Having a face-to-face conversation shows your commitment and signals to the MLA that this is something to take seriously. It also allows them to associate you or your group with the issue and may open the door for you to provide them with more info or support in the future.
  2. Make a call to your MLA – one of the BETTER ways to get your message heard. Next to having a face-to-face meeting, calling ensures your letter or email is not lost in the mix. Calling lets your MLA know that you are concerned about an issue and want them to take action. It doesn’t have to be a long call, keeping it simple is key.
  3. Write a letter to your MLA – a GREAT way to show your support for a local issue that concerns you, especially if many people are writing in about the same thing. Sending a letter by mail or e-mail ensures your MLA knows you take the matter seriously. Be sure to personalize your letter as it will get more attention than just sending a template.
  4. Sign a petition – a GOOD way to take action for an issue you care about. It is an easy and quick action to perform. It can signal to the government that a lot of people are concerned about an issue. ***There is an official process that must be followed to get a petition submitted to government so it can be recognized. Check out how you can submit federal or provincial traditional or e-petitions.

–Download a poster of this information to help you remember or to share with others–

Feeling Inspired? Head over to the TAKE ACTION section of our website to see what actions you can take right now to make a difference for nature conservation!

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Governments usually only hear from the public when they would like something changed, fixed, or accomplished. It’s also important to tell the government when you appreciate the work they have done. This lets them know that they are on the right track and can encourage them to keep pushing for change.

Special THANKS to CPAWS Southern Alberta for their work on what information to include in a Take Action Toolkit