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CWSP Past Projects




Past Project Year Results

As part of the Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program, our volunteers are encouraged to share their passion for nature conservation through the creation of community projects. These projects aim to highlight our wild spaces and natural wonders, while educating and having a meaningful impact on members of the community.

Check out the great work that our Wilderness Stewards have been doing in their New Brunswick communities!

Aidan and Gracyn – On February 16th 2020, nature enthusiasts were encouraged to join our Wilderness Stewards for a leisurely walk around the main trails of Odell Park, Fredericton. Participants discovered the winter critters that call Odell their home, including plants, animals, and lichens! Aidan and Gracyn were excellent guides and discussed the importance of conserving habitats for our winter wildlife!

As one participant said, “I enjoyed the event very much. Thank you for giving us your time. It couldn’t have been a better day in the winter woods. You sure know how to pick ‘em!

Benuelle, Lauren and Samantha – When Benuelle, Lauren, and Samantha were tasked with creating a community project, they decided they wanted “to explore implementing fun, educational experiences for kids outside of the school environment.” Goals for the project included teaching young children about New Brunswick wildlife, conservation, habitats, and the natural world around them.

On February 24th 2020, Benuelle and Lauren had a rewarding experience as Wilderness Stewards at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. Through a fun-filled, interactive presentation, young children were encouraged to ask questions and take part in ‘wild’ games!

Kurt – For Kurt Stewart’s project, he wanted to highlight his time with the Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program by discussing the experience through his podcast: ‘Facilitate Adventure’.

During the episode, Kurt talks about the CWSP goal of raising community awareness for conservation of our wild areas. Kurt walks listeners through the work that we do at CPAWS-NB and dives into the lessons learned and memories made during the wilderness expedition at the Restigouche River watershed.

A trip highlight included the presentation by guest, André Arpin, ecotourism founder of Arpin Canoe Restigouche and local advocate for protecting the species and land around the Restigouche. Kurt touches on what it means to be a steward for our wild spaces and how we can balance our ability to access the outdoors while still protecting the land and waters.

Follow Kurt and Facilitate Adventure on Facebook and Instagram.

Florence  – Florence Hunter-Manseau joined CWSP for the opportunity to learn more about nature in the region and to get involved in its conservation. Being very interested in habitat conservation, it’s not surprising Florence’s community service project involved a nature walk. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, Florence had to pivot from the original idea of offering an in-person walk and designed an Interpretive Nature Walk for Irish Town Nature Preserve in Moncton, using the online app All Trails.

In addition to the interpretive walk, Florence assisted CPAWS NB with the translation of a series of social media posts related to NB wildlife throughout the duration of the program and continues to work with us as a volunteer in 2021.

Photo: Lindslove [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Maddie – Madeline Carr developed a series of graphics to promote conservation of NB’s wildlife, including a writing and designing an entire children’s book. As well Maddie designed a March Break Bingo activity ( ), which was shared on CPAWS NB’s social media and will be made available to other CPAWS chapters to use in the future.



Camille – Camille Ruest knew that she wanted her service project to align with her passion for working with youth, and career goals of becoming a teacher.  Camille played a key role in the “Watch Your Paws” education programing, where she virtually visited grade 4-6 French classes across the province.  During the presentations, Camille inspired students by teaching them about all the incredible wildlife, local biodiversity, and habitats in New Brunswick, and empowered them to be environmental stewards in their own communities.

With Camille’s dedication to youth education and empowerment, we were able to reach more French speaking students than ever before!