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Watch Your Paws! – Youth Nature Education Program


Surveillez Vos Pattes! – Éducation en conservation de la nature pour les jeunes







Engaging school programming that connects students to nature 

The Watch Your Paws program is an interactive nature-based education program that will teach your students all about nature in New Brunswick and why we need to protect it.

Watch Your Paws : To take care of the wildlife around you when you are out in nature, and take action to help the environment.

Watch Your Paws is a two-part program:

  1. Schedule an interactive Watch Your Paws presentation.
  2. Take the Watch Your Paws Challenge to help nature, in your classroom or community.

This program will teach your students about New Brunswick wildlife and habitats, and the impacts of habitat loss.  Presentations focus on how we are all connected to the plants and animals around us! Your students will explore the impacts that they can have on the environment, and ways to help their favorite plants and animals.

Our presentations are

  • 1 hour in length
  • offered online or in-person
  • available to Grades 3-6 classes and youth groups aged 8-12
  • include related curriculum outcomes for each grade level
  • delivered in English or French

CPAWS NB’s Conservation Educators are passionate about New Brunswick wildlife and are excited to teach your students how they can take action and be stewards for the environment.

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2023 Winner

The winner of the 2023 Watch Your Paws Challenge is Mme. St-Amand and Mme. Bouchard Grade 4 classes from École Notre Dame!

The grade 4 classes went on a nature walk to learn about local mushrooms and collected natural materials to create beautiful bird feeders and houses to be installed on local trails! Students also organized a garbage cleanup in their schoolyard and planted fine herbs and made posters to teach others about their importance.


This year’s runner up classes are Ms. Silliker’s grade 3/4 class of North and South Esk and Ms. Boutot’s grade 4 class of Claude D. Taylor!

With so many great challenge entries this year, we have 2 runner up classes! Ms. Silliker’s class cared for 300 Atlantic Salmon eggs, as well as created morning announcement videos to teach their whole school about the Salmon’s life cycle and how to be kind to the salmon while they are being raised in the school.

Ms. Boutot’s class researched animals that live in New Brunswick and recreated their habitats through posters and dioramas. Students then shared their projects with other classes in the school!

École Notre Dame
Claude D. Taylor
Claude D. Taylor
Resources for Teachers

To help you with your own in-class nature education, we have created a resource booklet (available for download in English and French). There are also many fact sheets and documents available on our Publications page.

For links to dozens of excellent, teacher-tested ideas about educating kids about nature conservation, please check out our sister chapter, CPAWS Southern Alberta’s Resources for Educators page.
Please contact CPAWS NB if you would like more advice on how to change their activities to highlight New Brunswick wildlife and habitats.

CPAWS NB thanks the following for generously providing funding for this project:

  The New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund 


The New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation