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CPAWS is very concerned about what is going on in Canada’s oceans. New Brunswick is surrounded on 3 sides by ocean waters, so the health of our oceans can have a significant impact on what happens here.

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Bay of Fundy

CPAWS is encouraging the federal government to speed up action on protecting our oceans. This includes adding new marine protected areas in the internationally important Bay of Fundy. We believe there is a need to ensure protection into the future for the internationally important wild ocean treasure that is the Bay of Fundy.

Marine Protected Areas

Rivers and oceans are as susceptible to damage from human activities as our land.  Whether it is from pollution, overharvesting of fish or other sea-life, natural resource extraction and development, or climate change, the end result is the degradation of natural ecosystems and the possible extinction of species.  Protecting marine areas is an important step in trying to preserve the biodiversity of our waters.

Ecotourism in the Bay

Tourism and nature conservation go hand-in-hand. If we protect the natural environment, then tourism operators will benefit. Tourism done in a responsible manner will, in turn, help protect the natural environment. Protecting the Bay of Fundy is important to us all, and that is why we would like to introduce you to some of the ecotourism businesses that make the Bay their home.


The Puffins of Machias Seal Island (a storymap)

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are an important conservation tool for conserving marine life. By setting aside areas where the seabed remains undisturbed, we can increase the chance for fish to thrive, and for the species that rely on those fish to continue to enrich our lives and our world. To illustrate this point, we would like you to meet … the puffins of Machias Seal Island.