In-Class Nature Education

CPAWS NB offers an entertaining and informative program for school children in New Brunswick, where they are taught about the nature around us and why we need to protect it.

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Watch Your Paws nature education program for children  

CPAWS NB is pleased to offer students and youth groups in Grades 4-6 “Watch Your Paws!”, a free experiential introduction to natural habitats and protected areas in New Brunswick.

We’ll come to your school for a hands-on adventure (45 minutes) to share New Brunswick-specific education on: biodiversity, wildlife and habitats, environmental ethics and stewardship. Related curriculum outcomes for each grade level are included in the content of each session.

CPAWS is the only national non-profit organization devoted exclusively to protecting Canada’s wilderness heritage on public lands and waters.  CPAWS’ New Brunswick Chapter is dedicated to the protection of New Brunswick’s wilderness and wildlife. Our goal is to work cooperatively to ensure the survival of our wilderness areas and the life they support.

Our Conservation Educators create an energetic, interactive learning experience.  They are excited to share their enthusiasm for New Brunswick’s nature with your students!

To reserve your "Watch Your Paws" adventure, please contact us at:

Be sure to ask us about the Watch Your Paws Challenge, and how your students or groups (guides, scouts or environmental clubs) can extend their learning after our visit by doing Challenge activities and entering to win a Watch Your Paws Challenge certificate, prizes and a class Pizza Party. You can download our Watch Your Paws Challenge sheet here.

Take the Watch Your Paws Challenge and tell us how you’re helping nature in New Brunswick!


The 2017 winner of the CPAWS “Watch Your Paws Challenge” is Madelyn Mills and Brianne Mcallister from Miss McCabe’s grade 5 class at McAdam Ave Elementary School. Madelyn and Brianne created and poster and series of videos with 10 “rules” to follow for how to act responsibly in a New Brunswick park!

They showed how much they learned from our Watch Your Paws program and activities through their skits and poster. The girls had to memorize lines for their video and use lots of exciting props! You can watch their videos below and their poster will remain in the McAdam Ave Elementary School for other students to read.

We recognized their achievement by giving the girls a pizza party which they decided to share with their whole class, a “Winning Pair” certificate and some CPAWS swag!

Second place was awarded to Susan Weaver’s Fantastic Grade Four class from Chipman Elementary School!



The 2015 Watch Your Paws Challenge Winners!

The 2015 winner of the CPAWS “Watch Your Paws Challenge” was Susan Weaver’s Fantastic Grade Four Class from Chipman Elementary School! Mrs. Weaver and her class designed a CPAWS “Protecting Habitats” book to show people how we can help protect important habitats in New Brunswick by acting responsibly in nature.

Students showed how much they learned from our Watch Your Paws activities, and created unique pictures for their book. The Grade Four class took the “Watch Your Paws Challenge” a step further by taking the book to other classes and reading it to students in younger grades. This book will remain in the Chipman Elementary School Library for other students to read.

We recognized their achievement by giving the class a pizza party, a “Winning Class” certificate, and some CPAWS swag!

Honorable mentions for the “Watch Your Paws Challenge” include Mrs. Dallon’s Grade 3/4 class from St. Martins School and Mrs. Killam’s Grade 4 class from Salisbury Elementary School.

Winners of the 2015 “Watch Your Paws Challenge” - Mrs. Weaver and her Fantastic Grade Four class at Chipman Elementary School in Chipman, NB

The 2014 Watch Your Paws Challenge Winners!

Check out this great video sent to us by the winners of the 2014 challenge, Mme. Daly's grade 4/5 class from Champlain Heights School in Saint John, NB.  Great work, people!


For links to dozens of excellent, teacher-tested ideas about educating kids about nature conservation, please check out our sister chapter, CPAWS Southern Alberta’s Resources for Educators page.
Please contact CPAWS NB if you would like more advice on how to change their activities to highlight New Brunswick wildlife and habitats.


CPAWS NB thanks the following for generously providing funding for this project:

 The New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund    

The New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund 

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation





Booklet: Biodiversité

French: Defining biodiversity and explaining why it is important to protect it.

Teacher’s Resource Booklet - French
Teacher`s Resource Booklet

Companion to CPAWS New Brunswick’s “Watch Your Paws” Biodiversity Conservation Educational Activities

Booklet - “What is Biodiversity”

This booklet defines biodiversity and explains why protecting it is so important for everyone.