"Good Planning is Good Management" - This paper, written by Steve Reid and Roberta Clowater, addresses the issues of land use planning and urban sprawl in New Brunswick.    English pdf  French pdf

Climate Change Fact Sheets - A series of fact sheets which highlight the changes that will come to New Brunswick as a  result of climate change, and the measures we need to take to protect our environment and ourselves. (Printable .pdf files)

  1.     What New Brunswick Can Expect From a Changing Climate English  French
  2.     New Brunswick's Forests English French
  3.     New Brunswick's Rivers and Wetlands English French
  4.     New Brunswick Biodiversity English French
  5.     New Brunswick communities in a Changing Climate English French

"What is Biodiversity?" - Defining biodiversity and the way it affects our lives.  English French

An Analysis of the Parks Act Review: Public Engagement for New Brunswick's Provincial Parks, by Kelsey Butler  English pdf

Resource Management Plan Framework for New Brunswick Provincial Parks: A guide to management planning, by K. Binns, K. Butler, P. Lavallee, L. Medved and R. Scott  English pdf

Restigouche River Watershed Information Sheet (English pdf) (French pdf)


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Links to other groups working on New Brunswick Environmental issues